A look at what we can do for you

Delivering the highest quality, country wide.

Based on our expertise, we provide information, knowledge and insight about the childcare market to help you deliver a good quality service to support families and their children's education and development.
  1. Becoming a Childminder
    Childminding is in high demand as it offers the flexibility required to suit various work patterns. We can give you information, advice and support through your registration process and when you start working with families.
  2. Setting up a new Nursery/Preschool
    Setting up a nursery or a preschool requires a sound knowledge of the EYFS and child development. We can provide you with rudiments of what you need to set up your new business from market research to staffing.
  3. Training & Qualifications
    Working with children and young people requires training and the right qualifications just as any other career. Our aim is to equip you with these details and ensure you have access to accredited and approved courses.
  4. Preparing for Ofsted Inspection
    Preparing for an Ofsted inspection could be daunting. With our strategic business tips and advice, we would support you through the process and beyond. We will ensure you offer excellent quality services to support the development of the children in your care.
  5. Business Support
    Great quality service is the key to the sustainability of your business. We can assist you with key business strategies to keep your business afloat and help you develop a good profile and brand in the community.
  6. Market Research
    The childcare market is susceptible to economic theories. It is therefore, important that you find out the exact needs of the families in your local area. We can support your business with this service, to ensure you set up services to meet existing needs and create a niche market for your business.